Sunday, 19 August 2012

Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide

His movies included the horrific Hunger, the blockbuster Top Gun, and the highly commended Man On Fire. Yesterday Tony Scott director of over two dozen movies leaped to his death from the Vincent Thomas Bridge, San Pedro (Los Angeles).

The incident occurred yesterday lunchtime around 12.30pm, it is reported that the director parked his car, stepped out and leapt to his death from the bridge. His body was recovered by the Los Angeles coastguard around 3-4 hours later having used sonar equipment to recover the body. When police searched the vehicle they recovered a suicide note left on the passenger side seat. 

The Vincent Thomas Bridge is a popular site for suicide victims, a combination of the height and the incredibly strong current as the water floods into the San Pedro harbor is said to ensure success for anyone choosing to take that leap.

Tony Scott followed in his brother Ridley Scott’s footprints as a director in the early 1980’s. His horror love story The Hunger became an instant cult hit. Several years later he directed a monumental commercial for Saab, it was this that bought him to the attention of producers Don Simpson & Jerry Bruckheimer, who gave him the task of directing Top Gun.

Over the next 26 years Scott directed True Romance, Revenge, Man On Fire, Unstoppable and Déjà vu. At the time of his death Scott was rumoured to be working with Tom Cruise to create a sequel to the movie Top Gun.

Scott had been married three times; he leaves behind his wife Donna and two children.

No explanation has yet been given for the suicide, however it has been commented upon that Scott was looking a little ill, the last four years have seen the director age quite dramatically.

Tony Scott has left a lasting image on the movie landscape, he had a keen eye for detail, even his most action packed movies play out like a work of art. 

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